Contract Research And Manufacturing

Dalong Biotechnology Preparatory Group was established in 2001 and dedicated to R&D and production of health foods. In 2004, Dalong obtained GMP product certifications for powder cans, powdered small packages, capsules, and tablets, and has a wealth of health food manufacturing experience. Since 2006, the product line has expanded into a new product line for drinking beverages. Dalong Biotechnology continues to upgrade our production technology and improves its production lines, to provide you with the most professional ODM/OEM service.


Service flow

1. Specialist Consultation

We advise on the ingredients depending on customers request.

2. Trail Production

Sample preparation and sample testing

3. Product Quotation

Give the product quotation based on given quantity and contents.

4. Order Confirmation

Full-scale manufacturing based on given quantity and contents.

5. Quality Control

Strictly control product quality and packaging inspection

6. Shipment Complete

Customer acceptance and correct delivery