General Manager of Dalong Biotechnology, Mr You interviewed by Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and talked about the experience on international trading between Japan and Taiwan. Mr You stated that technologies and marketing strategies are the key points, and the big support by the Taichung Institute of Industry and the Oita Prefecture Government made us the first step to Japan.

Dalong’s international marketing consultant, Mr Shi explained that: “The Japanese companies tend to have a preliminary understanding before their first visit, so showing our advantages through the Internet is a very important threshold for Taiwanese SMEs”. As an industry-leading manufacturer, Dalong is one of the preferred supplements manufacturers in Taiwan. However, we kept on invest and develop to provide our customers with higher quality products and services.

Taiwan Institute of Economic Research- Research Division VIII: assist the region and the local authorities in drawing the metropolis of innovation strategy. And in dealing with the global economy crisis, Research Division VIII provides suggestions to the adjustment of domestic economy and the investment environment. The research focus will include the strength and weakness within the region in order to raise industrial competitiveness and international cooperation capacity.

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