Congratulations! Dalong won the subsidies provided by SBIR

To encourage and assist domestic SMEs to engage in active technology research and innovation or product development, Since 1999 the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program has been launched by the “Regulations for Helping to Subsidize and Guide Industrial Innovation Activities by the MOEA.” Through grants and subsidies provided by SBIR, encourages SMEs to carry out active innovation and helps expand private-sector investment in R&D so that the results and achievements will help the country further its economic development. This year, Dalong became one of 35 companies that received the annual subsidies.

After COVID-19, food therapy and health care are rapidly gaining attention. However, immunomodulatory products have always been a vital category in the supplement market, and also the prime research direction of Dalong biotech.In this project, Dalong will focus on improving the quality of fermented Yunzhi, and increase the content of polysaccharide peptides through proprietary and patented fermentation technology.Our goal is to obtain higher polysaccharide peptide content in a short time and low-cost fermentation process.

We intend to use high-quality raw materials to develop more Yunzhi products and provide our customers with more economical and affordable immunomodulatory supplements.

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