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With the continuous improvement of health awareness, supplements industry is ushering in a period of rapid growth. Unlike the past, the consumer group is spreading to younger and younger people. Dalong Biotech, a health food manufacturer, aims to reduce the gap between industry and academia, cooperates with National Taichung University of Science and Technology (NUTC) to jointly enhance Taiwan's supplements overall competitiveness by providing the latest information and practice platforms in the industry.

Dalong and NUTC collaborate on a one-semester product marketing plan, which students need to make marketing proposals on assigned supplements at the end of semesters and the winner will get the cooperation opportunities to launch their proposals. Dalong hopes that this plan can be expanded to cooperate with more universities in the future, and cultivate high-quality industrial talents who have a passion, professional capabilities and future employability for the supplements industry.

Feb. 5, a 20 professionals health care sales team, W2W INTERNATIONAL from the Philippines visited Dalong Biotechnology, to learn about the advantages of Dalong Cordyceps militaris raw materials and its potential for cosmetic applications. Dalong is glad to share our knowledge and ideas on Cordyceps, and continuously develop more products for our customers.
General Manager of Dalong Biotechnology, Mr You interviewed by Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and talked about the experience on international trading between Japan and Taiwan. Mr You stated that technologies and marketing strategies are the key points, and the big support by the Taichung Institute of Industry and the Oita Prefecture Government made us the first step to Japan.
November 2nd, The Annual Meeting of Mycological Society ROC & Conference on Mycological Research was held and end up with enthusiastic participation from universities and research institutions in Taiwan. In this seminar, Dayeh University and Dalong Biotechnology co-published the research on the topic of” Effect of two-fedbatch culture and constant pH on the production of extracellular polysaccharides from immobilized Cordyceps militaris” has received the attention and recognition of professionals from all walks of life.
Cordyceps PLUS was developed jointly by Taiwan Dalong and Japan Suzuki, supported by Japan's Oita subsidy fund project. Both sides have been continuously researching and improving for about three years and successfully developed the final product - Cordyceps PLUS, which has combined the advantages of Suzuki’s Cordyceps and Dalong’s Cordyceps. The Governor of Oita Prefecture, Japan, said that “ I have great confidence to the product, and I look forward to the distribution of this product in Taiwan, Asia and all over the world.”
Internship programs are one of the most common ways to develop talent and provide job opportunities for students. During the internship, interns can learn about the dynamics and culture of the entire industry, enhance their practical skills, teamwork skills, find their interests and explore career opportunities. The company can also assess the employment potential during the internship and retain talent for the company in advance.
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