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Japan SUZUKI was satisfied with the excellent services and product development abilities of Dalong Biotech. since the first cooperation and signed a new order sheet in 2018, Feb 01. Even more, The R&D team actively demonstrate the new product and promote the launch of new cooperation cases, look forward to further cooperation in the future.
After more than a year of negotiations and discussions, JAPAN Suzuki Co., Ltd. and Dalong Biotech. signed the first order sheet on November 10, 2017 with the testimony of many other enterprises such as, Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee of Taichung city, Japan Oita Industrial Federation, and Golden Hand Award Winner Association, establish a stable long-term business relationship. Dalong will be better after the move, continue to move toward the international.
Welcome TZMOON professional teams to visit Dalong Biotech. company. Their main products as “Kids Ambition”are manufactured by Dalong company. During the visits, TZMOON had learned the importance about the source of raw materials and the quality control for company. And Dalong do understand the requirements from customers through TZMOON professional teams. Dalong Biotech. looks forward to producing better and more practical products in the future.
Dalong Biotechnology attended the forum of Industry League for ASEAN on August 24, 2017. For promoting our products and brand building to new immigrants and international labors, we cooperated with FOR MORE MAKER SPACE company and KIDOBUY e-commence company that supporting by government. Therefore, hope to make more distribution to ASEAN area.
Welcome Suzuki Co., LTD to visit Dalong Biotech. company from Oita in Japan. Suzuki Co., LTD is an esteemed company and founded more than 70 years ago in Oita. During the visits, Dalong and Suzuki exchange a better understanding of business transformation, and the importance of health industry in our environment today. Dalong expected to have close cooperation with Japanese local enterprises in the future.
2017 BEST Conference & International Symposium on Biotechnology and Bioengineering was held on National Yunlin University. Dalong Biotechnology, cooperating with the professor Dr. Andy Hsu in Department of BioIndustry Technology at Da Yeh University for R&D. The poster “Effects of color and intensity of led light on the formation of primordium and fruiting body with bioactive ingredients of Cordyceps militaris in solid culture” and associated posters were published and honored as excellent. During the conference, Dalong discussed and exchanged views about the research with different fields of experts, which helps with our R&D.
Dalong Biotechnology attended Bazaar Asia Tenggaram in June 25, 2017 at Asean Square Taichung. Dalong exhibited products as Dalong Cordyceps extract solution for free drink and Digestionbuddy (Lactobacillus + Digestive Enzyme) for free samples. Attracting many foreign workers come to visit and information feedback.
Dalong is the guardian of healthcare. For foreign workers, take care of parents at home, and also for ourselves overseas.