An exclusive patented polysaccharide purification device

Polysaccharides are a very popular material in the field of health care nowadays.Generally, polysaccharides with the molecular weight of more than 5kD have better health care effects. Taking cordyceps sinensis polysaccharides and picoderma polysaccharide as examples, the molecular weight ranges of polysaccharides vary from several hundred to tens of thousands, and it is still necessary to use dialysis technology to separate them into different grades to obtain the special functional polysaccharides with the best health care effect.However, it is not easy to screen specific functional polysaccharides in industrial scale, which requires both quantitative and precise screening.

The correct purification strategy is very important, often can make the purification to achieve twice the result with half the effort, so in advance to have a very adequate preparation and planning process.Big RongSheng technology designed polysaccharide dialysis purification device (patent number M591099), have high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and easy to operate, using dialysis technology, will stay dialysis polysaccharide fermentation liquid body put in molecular size selectivity of dialysis membrane, macromolecular solute will be dialysis membrane, and small molecules by the precipitation, screening and purification effect, can effectively control the screening of different molecular weight polysaccharides, improve polysaccharide body health advantages.

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