Powder Filling

Join the countless number of brand owners that trust Dalong Biotechnology as their powder filling manufacturers because we provide our clients with accurate and professional service. From wholesale packaging to convenient aluminium bags, customized your own packaging design to your needs. We consider every entire detail, from the fluidity, dust rate, mixing uniformity to the dissolution rate, ensures your product will be put into the market in the shortest possible time. Scroll down to learn more about our firm and why you should choose us as your manufacturing partner.

Key Service Benefits

What you can expect when you work with us

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Granulation Technique

Our excellent granulating capabilities provides uniform and controllable particle size according to your needs


1-on-1 Consultation

Providing you with the finest customer service experience, which ensures that the finished product meets your specifications.

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Team Development

Dalong’s production experts throughout the whole manufacturing process ensure the highest product quality.


Packaging Customization

We also offer packaging design customization, show the unique charm of your product

Custom & Private Label Powder Manufacturing Capabilities

Choosing Dalong Biotechnology make your ideas come to life, professional and flexible product manufacturing capabilities and 3 simple steps to create powder supplement products that will stand out in the market, including:


Develop your exclusive formula

• Quality assurance and uniform particle size raw materials supplies


Flavoring your favorite tastes

• Our powder flavoring capabilities are unmatched in the industry
• Seasoned with natural, harmless ingredients


Customize your unique package

• Convenient aluminum bags:Vertical pillow bag, three side seal
• Classic containers: Glass bottles, PET bottles