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R&D Award

Benchmark of TTQS

Agricultural Biotech Award

Golden Hand Award

Innovation Award

Reserches and Papers

2005    The Production and Manufacturing Process Development of C. Militaris Fermentation Broth Products

2006   Developing Health Drinks with Functional Ingredients from Lees

2007    Marketing Planning Committee to Connect Market Information and Marketing Strategies

2008    Developing Manufacturing Technique of Effervescent Tablet with Functional Health and Security

2009    The Development of Healthy Drinks with β-D-Glucan

2010    Developing Antioxidant Black Bean Polyphenol Extract Effervescent Tablet

2011    Fermentation Process Development and Bioactivity Evaluation on Extracellular Polysaccharide from S. Sanghuang by Applying the Complex Immobilization Technique

2012    Extraction of Functional Peculiar Polyphenols from Rhodiola and Commercialization Technique Development Plan

2013    The Effect of Krestin Peptide on Cyclophosphamide Induced Hypothyroidism Animal Model

2015    Development of Technology for Reviving C. Militaris with LED and Development of Immunomodulation Feed Additive

2016    Initial Development Plan for a New Generation of Solid State Fermentation Cultivate System

2018    Advanced Development Plan for a New Generation of Intelligent C. Militaris Cultivation System