Cordyceps Center

Cordyceps militaris Center

Dalong Biotechnology invested in the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris for decades. In 2015, the company established a new Cordyceps militaris cultivation field, constructed Intelligent Environmental-Control System, combined with the latest AI technology, continuously improved and optimized the cultivation conditions of Cordyceps militaris, and developed a Dynamic Multi-stage Fermentation System (DMFS) that enhances the content of various functional ingredients such as cordycepin, polysaccharide and GABA in Cordyceps militaris, and is committed to providing high quality and affordable Cordyceps raw materials.


Dalong Biotechnology has set up a research center to develop and innovate the Early Activity Detection System (EADS) to Controlling the strain activity from the beginning stage of cultivation and predicting the risk of fungal aging to assure the strong cultivating productivity. in 2018, Dalong biotechnology established strain genetic research laboratory, a large number of analysis of the world's Cordyceps gene sequences, through advanced genetic analysis technology combined with traditional strain breeding process, completely overcome the bacterial species degradation difficulties.

Dalong Biotechnology believes that only by mutual communication we can continue to move forward. In the early days of its establishment, Dalong Biotechnology actively cooperate with various fields. In 2013, we invited many important academic and medical professionals to jointly establish "Taiwan Medicinal Fungus Cordyceps Application Development Association." To provide an exclusive platform for mutual exchange of views among professionals in various fields, and in 2014 and 2017, two books "The king of Cordyceps mililtaris" and "The New Generation of Cordyceps militaris" were published.