Cordyceps Center

Cordyceps militaris Center

Dalong has invested in growing cordyceps for decades and aimed to be the best cordyceps cultivator in the market. A combination of digital technologies including advanced robotics, sophisticated control sensors and artificial intelligence has integrated into the cultivation of Cordyceps, created the first “smart Cordyceps cultivation field” in Taiwan. Besides, to provide quality raw ingredients and supplements, we jointly established the "Taiwan Medicinal Fungus Cordyceps Application Development Association" with academic professionals and medical experts, commit to innovative scientific research and superlative cultivation. On top of that, We turned our research and experience into words and published two books, "The king of Cordyceps mililtaris" and "The New Generation of Cordyceps militaris", clearly explaining the profound knowledge and features of Cordyceps in a simple way.


With the maturity of artificial cultivation technology, Cordyceps Militaris can be cultivated in large-scale and the market prospect is promising. However, due to the immature control technology of the strains, a non-grown or decrease in yield happened in the process of mass cultivation, which we called it “strains degradation”. This phenomenon brings great challenges to the enterprise and it also an urgent need for the entire industry to overcome. In this respect, Dalong has set up Cordyceps center to focus on solving the strains degradation problems and successfully developed the Early Activity Detection (EADS) System, monitoring the activities of strain from the beginning through whole cultivation process. EADS system continuously retains the excellent inoculum and improve degradation achieving the purpose of “reserving and rejuvenating”.

Molecular Genetics LAB has been established in 2018, collecting Cordyceps mushrooms from all over the world and genetically sequencing each Cordyceps strain. Further, molecular screening was carried out to select fine strains for breeding and mating, and a series of Cordyceps strains with different advantages were successfully cultivated. Thus, we combines our cultivation experience with innovative molecular selection technique to breed a better generation and overcome the problems of artificial cultivation, improve the content of cordycepin, polysaccharides and GABA in Cordyceps. Offer you and your customers with high-quality and affordable Cordyceps Militaris.