Developmental History

Developmental History


  • The foundation of Molecular Genetics Lab


  • Be certified to Food Quality Assurance from Industry Professional Assessment System (IPAS), held by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Japan Suzuki Co., Ltd. cooperation contract signed


  • Being certified to ISO 22000 and HACCP

  • The foundation of cultivated factory of Cordyceps militaris

  • The proposal "Animal test for Cordyceps militaris on protecting kidney function" was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Cooperation with Chung Shan Medical University on research "The regulatory immunoassay of Cordyceps militaris extract in cell mode and animal model"


  • Attending 12th MIHAS held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center KLCC, Malaysia

  • Cooperating with Da-Yeh University study on "The experiment of Houttuynia extract syrup on stimulating immune cells to secrete cytokines"

  • The proposal “Development of technology for reviving Cordyceps militaris with LED and Development of Immunomodulation feed additive” was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • Be issued HALAL certification by THIDA

  • Being recommended by Development Center for Biotechnology to Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA)


  • The patented biomaterial value-added technique guiding plan "The effect of Krestin peptide on cyclophosphamide induced hypothyroidism animal model" got awarded by Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • "Applying energy-saving LED spectral composition for the mass production of Cordyceps militaris fruiting body" technology transfer from Da-Yeh University

  • The proposal “Extraction of Functional Peculiar Polyphenols from Rhodiola and Commercialization Technique Development Plan” was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • The proposal “Applying composit immobilization technique on the fermentation process development and biological activities evaluation of extracellular polysaccharides from Phellinus linteus” was awarded by Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Being awarded Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs


  • Being awarded silver medal by TTQS

  • The proposal “Developing antioxidant black bean polyphenol extract Effervescent Tablet” was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • The products of Dalong Biotech sold on TV shopping channel

  • Being awarded copper medal and benchmarking enterprises by TTQS

  • Switch on Within company societies evaluation programs

  • The proposal “The development of Healthy drinks with β-D-Glucan” was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • Was awarded silver medal and benchmarking enterprises by TTQS (Taiwan Training Quality System) and marked as high-quality enterprise in Biotech Industrial Training

  • The proposal “Developing manufacturing technique of Effervescent tablet with functional health and security” was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • Making up Marketing planning committee to connect market information and marketing strategies closely together


  • Dalong Cordyceps was famed in “Workshop of Taiwan-Japan Functional Food Technology and Management” held by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • The proposal “Developing Health Drinks with functional ingredients from lees” was awarded by Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Conducting research on the fermentation of Antrodia and Versicolor


  • Making up New products committee for developing new products with a team

  • Exhibiting in Taipei International Food Show

  • Dalong Cordyceps was reported and affirmed by domestic print media, Economic Daily News

  • Signing Cordyceps development subsidy program “The Production and Manufacturing Process Development of Cordyceps militaris fermentation broth products” with Industrial Develpment Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Beginning the production line of Extraction and Concentration

  • Acquire GMP certification


  • Being awarded “Selection for Merit in Innovation Research and Development of SMEs

  • On-site environmental assessment of food GMP. The production lines of “powder canning line, powder filling line for small package, capsule line, pastille line” were assessed

  • Becoming a distributor in Taiwan of Ohtaka enzyme Company Ltd., Japan

  • The proposal “Cultivating Cordyceps militaris with 2-stage culture and immobilization technique to obtain the biological active ingredient, cordycepin” was subsidized by ministry of science and technology.

  • Broadcast interview by “Small & Medium Enterprise Generalist” program of Boardcasting Corporation of China


  • Attended “Innovation Incubation Center Joint Achievement Exhibition” in Taipei World Trade Center and propagate Cordyceps products.

  • Inaugurated liquid fermentation tank usage

  • Started cooperation with Da-Yeh University Incubation Center and began conducting Cordyceps research and development with Tai-Hao Hsu, the dean of Cordyceps research.

  • Dalong turned into a factory with administrative office and started applying for GMP certification

  • Dalong Biotechnology Co. Ltd. formal operation


  • Purchase and renovation of the factory buildings of Dalong Biotechnology


  • Dalong Biotechnology preparatory group composed