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Strain optimization center

In-Depth Study of Cordyceps Militaris Genes

The core task of the strain center: the use, collection, identification, rejuvenation, preservation and supply of microbial strains through the unique technology of Early Activity Detection System (EADS); production, quality analysis and management of all kinds of strains; Research on related medicinal fungi, including the research and application of new technologies and new methods, has also been continuously developed.


Prevent the strain degradation

Gender Gene

The life history of Cordyceps militaris requires two mating type hyphae to exist at the same time, and artificial mating can develop a fruit body with good appearance and a high functional component.


Separation of Spores

After the fruiting body of Cordyceps militaris matures, spores are produced. After the spores are separated, DNA is used to identify the hyphae with different mating type genes then artificial mating and subsequent breeding.

Medicinal fungus development


Gene Quantification

After separating the spores, the key genes for the development of the fruiting bodies and the genes related to each functional component were analyzed, a database was established then different strains were developed according to the needs.

Mating and Breeding

Two strains with different advantages were selected from the database for artificial mating, and the high-quality bacteria with both advantages were selected.