R&D Technologies

Pioneering R&D technologies

Cultivation techniques

Specific LED Wavelength Arousing Mass Production

Cooperate with Dayeh University, we devoted to the techniques development of Cordyceps militaris cultivation and cordycepin production. Dayeh University's develop a technique that can giving specific LED wavelength arousing mass production. The technique can set Various wavelengths of light that would affect the growth curve, growth pattern, and the output of functional ingredients. We use the best wavelength combination system to cultivate C. militaris. Furthermore the technique can greatly shorten the cultivation period of Cordyceps militaris and improve the content of a variety of functional ingredients. This technique has been recognized by research organizations and many media reports.


Biphase Membrane Water Culture

A new two-phase fermentation system: Cordyceps militaris fruiting body and mycelium growing up together through a liquid medium at the same time. The highest efficiency is achieved under the same equipment, the traditional solid medium culture abandonment problem is improved, and the enzyme functional components accumulate rapidly. Dalong Biotechnology is committed to developing a fermentation method that is more environmentally friendly and more fully utilized.

Fermentation Systems

Dynamic Multi-Stage Fermentation System

Accurately control the growth and metabolism patterns of various stages of the strain, including oxygen, temperature, nitrogen source, carbon source, etc. Through multi-stage regulation of fermentation conditions, it can greatly increase the content of organic components more than double compare to the traditional way, and improve the health value of products.

Specific Microbiotic Inducement Fermentation System

The microorganism is used as the culture substrate for fermentation, and the special glycoprotein on the surface of the microorganism is used as an inducer to stimulate the fermented bacteria to produce higher functional properties, such as cordycepin, polysaccharides and other functional components.

AI - Industry 4.0

The cultivation of Cordyceps militaris combines the latest technology such as, the special 3D printing, robot arm for the bacteria collection, IOT (Internet of Things) and the big data analysis to find out untapped data to obtain key regulatory parameters.. The Smart factory has no dead angle to monitor the cultivation process of Cordyceps militaris, detect and optimize the culture conditions, find out the predictive model of Cordyceps militaris cultivation, and move towards to artificial intelligence control.