Congratulations! Paper publication in JAST


Congratulations to our members for their recent publication in Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) has been approved for the increase of primordia, promote the formation of fruiting bodies, and increase the yield of bioactive ingredients (cordycepin, adenosine, mannitol, and polysaccharides) in solid culture of Cordyceps militaris. 

This paper has been published in the Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology and supported by the National Science Council – Research Projects (NSC100-2622-E-212-003-CC3) for funding support. 

Link to the publication : Enhanced Production of Fruiting Body and Bioactive Ingredients of Cordyceps militaris with LED Light Illumination Optimization. JAST. 2019; 21 (2) :451-462