An exclusive patented polysaccharide purification device

A rising element, the polysaccharide gains more spotlight in health supplements nowadays. Polysaccharides with different structures and molecular weights give unique functions, for most researchs, polysaccharides with the molecular weights of 5kD and above are more effects to our body. In case, polysaccharides within Cordyceps militaris and Yunzhi has a wide molecular weight range, from several hundred to thousands. To enlarge the advantages and qualities, we need to separate and purify the raw materials by further dialysis techniques. However, it is a huge challenge to screen the functional polysaccharides quantitatively and accurately in industrial mass production.

Proper planning on the purify program is extremely important in the purification process, it could make the purification work more effective. Dalong Biotech patented a polysaccharide purification device (Patent No. M591099), which is highly efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. With the core technique of dialysis, dialyzed the raw materials by placing it in a size-selective dialysis membrane. As time flows, the solutes with large molecules will be retained by the dialysis membrane, while small molecules will be precipitated to achieve the effect of separation and purification. Dalong patented purification device can effectively control the screening of polysaccharides with different molecular weights and enhance the health advantages of polysaccharides.