Participate 2019 Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology Conference!

Nov 29th, 2019 Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology Conference was held in Taichung National Chung Hsing University, professionals in and abroad jointly gathered to promote the research of food science and technology.

At the conference, Dr Shih-Ching, Chao, Chief Technology Officer and Chih-Hung, Ho, director of the strain centre, and their research group participated in the publication of the paper and had extensive discussions with scholars. However, we dedicated to achieving more in Cordyceps breeding and health supplements in the future.

1.  Optimization of culture conditions for solid fermentation of cordyceps militaris:Substrate-water ratio and Inoculation concentration

2.   Rescuing Degenerated Cordyceps militaris and Molecular Breeding

3.   The Effect of Pigeon pea on the Growth and Cordycepin of Cordyceps militaris