Participate in The 3rd National Cordyceps Conference 2019

July 12th, The most important event in Cordyceps field - The 3rd National Cordyceps Conference was held in Shenyang, Liaoning. On the day, the most authority Cordyceps scientists from all over China come together, sharing the latest Cordyceps technology and research results. 

Dalong has the honour to be the lector deliver a speech on the topic of “Application of IoT x BIG DATA in Production Management of Cordyceps”. The Dean of technical, Dr Zhao invented this big data acquisition device in 2016, was the first near-end sensors that combined the Internet of Things, sensors, and 3D printing technology monitoring the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris.  

Furthermore, Dr Zhao moves forward to develop intelligent cultivation which specially used to produce high-quality Cordyceps militaris. With the collection and application of big data, a new era in Cordyceps militaris cultivation has come, Dalong will continue to dedicate on cultivating the best Cordyceps for you and your families.