Services Overview

Expert Team

Dalong Biotechnology has a highly qualified research team and ISO-certified, HACCP-certified health food manufacturing plants. Dalong provides professional consultations on raw materials and products and customizes proprietary formulations based on customer needs. In addition, product quality is our top priority, from the selection of raw materials to final products shipment, a strict quality control to ensure high-quality product and best service for all our customers.


Safety and Quality

Dalong Biotechnology considers safety and quality as the main considerations and pursues high-quality products. The food production line passed GMP certification in 2004 and successively obtained ISO22000 food safety and health management system certification. Ensure that the source of raw materials, manufacturing process, operating environment, and process control are all within the scope of control, and more stringent requirements are made on environmental cleanliness, cross-contamination prevention measures, and laboratory tests during the process to ensure stable product manufacturing and product safety.

One-stop Manufacturing Services

Dalong Biotechnology has built a one-stop service in the production of healthy foods. The service scope covers upstream raw materials, customized products, mass production and back-end finished product packaging. One-stop service provides the most complete and highest quality products and services. In short, We provide professional advice on raw materials and products based on your needs. The entire service is supervised by a professional team to monitor the quality of output products, which are both stable and sophisticated. Dalong implements the concept of “being a guardian of all people’s health” being your best business partner.