Wholesale Herbal Extracts

Dalong Biotechnology has rich experience in the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris. By developing and introducing several unique technologies, it has significantly shortened the growth cycle, reduced costs and increased its health value, thereby providing affordable high quality Cordyceps raw materials.

Chinese herbal medicines such as Rhodiola rosea, Siberian Ginseng, and Houttuynia have been produced by Dalong Biotech.’ Technologies including MPES Multi-polarity extraction and stripping system and distillation extraction, which are different from the general scientific Chinese medicines on the market.

Service Flow

1. Specialist Consultation

We provide professional advices on materials and products

2. Product Quotation

Give the product quotation based on given quantity and contents

3. Order Confirmation

Packaging material & Product delivery date Schedule

4. Quality Control

Strictly control product quality and packaging inspection

5. Shipment Complete

Customer acceptance and correct delivery

6. Satisfactory

Dalong professional service team meets your needs