Wholesale Herbal Extracts

Dalong Biotechnology has rich experience in the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris and provides affordable high quality Cordyceps powder. Moreover, Chinese herbal medicines such as Rhodiola rosea, Siberian Ginseng, and Houttuynia which produced by our patented technique, Multi-polarity extraction system (MPES) has higher quality than the general on the market.

A right extraction method could enhance the essence of Chinese herbal medicine. Herbs and botanicals generally have thick cell walls to prevent loss of fluid and nutrients, which makes them valuable but also poses a huge challenge to extracting them. Traditionally, Chinese herbal medicines need to be repeatedly decoction to avoid loss of active ingredients. To optimize the extraction process, researchers try to destroy the cell walls through cutting and pulverization, then extract with water or alcohol. However, this doesn't work to enhance the extraction efficiency but just waste. The cell walls are strong and tough that neither cutting nor pulverization could breakthrough! Certainly, MPES is the way to use the practicality of precious herbs.

Multi-polarity extraction system (MPES)

Dalong has specialized in extracting Chinese herbal medicines for decades and successfully found out and digitalized the extraction pattern of most Chinese herbal medicines. A lyophilization pretreatment before extraction could effectively destroy the strong cell walls and scale up the extraction surface area of Chinese herbal medicine. Acts in concert with Dalong’s patented extraction equipment which adjust the solvent concentration according to our database, greatly enhance the extraction quality and efficiency. As results, we could extract every Chinese herbal medicine under optimal extraction conditions and maximize the benefits of it.

We're proud to protect and sustain our environment from huge waste. Extracting Chinese herbal medicines may require a lot of water and alcohol, so it's important to have an intelligent system to detect and monitor the usage and recycle process. Fully used on each solvent has been strictly executed in our production to reduce environmental damage, we strived to achieve zero waste.

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